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Frameless Shower Door & Enclosures

Any homeowner who is considering a bathroom update or remodel has undoubtedly heard about a frameless shower door or frameless shower enclosure. These modern choices are undoubtedly beautiful in providing a sleek new look, but there are some considerations you should be aware of, especially considering that the decisions you make can affect not only your wallet but the re-sale value of your home. This is one instance where you want to get it right.

Since frameless shower doors and enclosures do not have the more common rubber sealed frames, they not only look sleeker and cleaner, but are less apt to attract mold. For those with allergies to any type of mold, this can be a definite plus.

Choosing the Right Company

One of the most important decisions should be to do business with a company that has actual experience in installing frameless shower doors and frameless shower enclosures. Since frameless doors and enclosures have no traditional frame, the glass has a tendency to be somewhat heavier and stronger. There is no allowance for error in the cutting of the glass, or for inferior glass to be installed. Certain types of glass impurities could lead to the glass being susceptible to shattering, so high quality is critical.

The Importance of a Design Portfolio

Design is also important to most people. Review styles and installations to see different bathrooms with different styles of frameless shower doors and enclosures. Just think about how much time many people spend choosing the tile in your shower to be sure that it shows to its best advantage. You should be equally picky in the choice of your glass company. They should also be experts in the installation process. Correct measuring and installation are critical for this type of project.

Timing can also be an important consideration. There are pre-made frameless doors and enclosures available, or you may prefer to opt for custom made. Consider these options during your re-model.

Choose a Company that Gives Written Quotes and Warranty

For most home-owners, a bathroom remodel with frameless shower doors and enclosures is a major project. Everything should be spelled out for you in the form of a written quote. What will the company be doing for you, how much will it cost, and how long will it take. No company can guarantee everything, but they should be able to give you a solid outline of the process and costs.

One potential mistake to avoid is multiple changes in the scope of the remodel. Each change is likely to add both labor and material costs, as well as adding time to the project completion date.

Frameless Door vs Frameless Enclosure

For some people, just having a frameless shower door is enough. It modernizes your bathroom in a sleek new style, and you may not want or need a frameless enclosure. The more glass you use, the higher the cost. But if you truly want a bathroom that wows, the frameless enclosure will be the most attractive option. Just look at the examples below and compare the frameless shower door with the frameless enclosure.

Either choice would be beautiful, and add to the enjoyment you will have and the value you can add to your home.

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