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Affordable & Beautiful Mirror Glass for Your Home

Few items can beautify your home as much as mirror glass can. Whether you have it beveled, frameless as a bathroom mirror, or just replacing your closet doors with mirror glass, all of these projects are guaranteed to light up your home in the best way possible.

We provide quality mirror glass for homeowners looking for quality materials and expert installation, at guaranteed low prices. Isn’t it time you replaced that stock mirror that came with the house?

We put our quotes in writing for you and guarantee our workmanship. Ask to see our portfolio of examples of mirror glass that we have installed for other homeowners. There is literally no limit to what mirror glass can bring to your home.

Every Room Needs a Decorative Mirror

From the kitchen nook to the dining room, your walls are crying out for that little something a new mirror can bring. Since the mirror glass can also be beveled, you have a lot of choices to make the mirror reflect the best in your home.

Do you have a cracked or downright ugly mirror in your bathroom? We would be happy to show you examples and choice in our portfolio of what we have done for other homeowners. Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest around, and all of our work is guaranteed and installed by professionals.

Don’t forget the beautiful mirror walls that are available. If you have an exercise room or even a beautiful dining room with gorgeous furniture, you can install a mirror glass wall behind it, making the room look larger and more full of light.

Full Length Mirror Glass for a Door or Wall

If you are living without a full length mirror in your home, please give us a call today. You really should be able to check out how you look before you leave the house. You can customize the exact width and height that will work best in your home, You can customize it further by adding beveled edges..

Bathroom Mirror Glass

We cannot guarantee what your bathroom mirror will reflect, but we can guarantee that it is the highest quality mirror glass and customized to the style and shape you want. Beveling the glass edges makes it even more beautiful.

All of our glass mirror orders for the bathroom are custom, and you can choose the exact size and shape you want. Isn’t it time you replaced that stock mirror that cam with the house? This can be a very affordable and fast turn around home improvement project for you.

Mirror Glass For Your Bedroom

The use of Mirror Glass in your bedroom can make a small room appear larger and reflect light into a dark and gloomy area. If your bedroom is darker than you want, the addition of mirrors can be a quick and affordable way to brighten up the space.

Some people even elect to have an entire wall of mirrors. We would be happy to show you examples and give you a quote for this type of work.

Closet Doors with Mirror Glass

Just because your home didn’t come with mirror glass closet doors does not mean you cannot replace them. Since you are choosing to do the work, consider having them beveled for an even classier look.

Mirror Glass on closet doors is not only enjoyed by you when you have the work done, but is a great plus for any future buyer.

  • If you are a home owner looking to replace your windows with a variety designed to be energy efficient, call us for a FREE on-site estimate.

    We can show you a wide variety of windows available, one of which is sure to fit your budget and your time line.

  • If you are re-doing your bathroom, let us show you what is available in the newest patio doors or replacement windows.

    Once again, we offer a wide range of products including some available for immediate delivery.

    If you have the time, you may choose a custom door or window to make your dream family room a reality.

  • If you are replacing a bathroom due to water damage, we will work with your insurance company to make the repairs as easy as possible.

    We also offer a wide range of mirrors, some with exquisite beveled details.

    Bring us your dreams for a window or mirror, and let us turn it into a reality.

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